Heritage Buildings

Buildings may need to go through retrofits throughout their service life to improve their moisture performance, thermal performance, and durability of their building envelope assemblies (exterior walls, roofs, windows, etc). This also may hold true for heritage buildings. When it comes to heritage buildings however, there are several limitations that can make the retrofit challenging, such as minimizing the disruption to the cladding. As a result, conventional moisture and thermal improvement strategies, in most cases may not be applicable to heritage buildings. Innovative design and construction approaches need to be explored.

Building Envelope Consultation for Heritage RetrofitOver the years, our design team has managed to get a solid understanding of the challenges associated with building envelope retrofits of heritage buildings in different climates. Our engineering judgement, past experiences, and thermal/moisture simulation are utilized throughout the design phase to explore feasible options that would improve moisture management and energy efficiency, taking into account the associated limitations.

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