LEED Durable Building Credit

LEED ConsultationIs your building pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification? One of the credits under LEED is “Durable Building”, which focuses on minimization of material use and construction waste over a building’s life. This would require careful selection of appropriate components and assemblies during the design and construction stages to avoid premature failure of the building and its components.

Our experienced building envelope team offers the following consultation service for the support of “Durable Building” credit:

  • Meeting with design team to go over the durability considerations at the early stage of your project.
  • Review design package during the design stage to identify details that pose a risk to long team durability.
  • Periodic field reviews during construction to review durability aspects.
  • Preparing the required documentation including the Building Durability Plan, in accordance with CSA S478-95 (R2007) – Guideline on Durability in Buildings.

We would be happy to discuss your project to see how our service can help you achieve your needs.