• HDB was recommended to me by a trusted colleague, when discussing a problem with the building envelope of our Parks Grandstand. A meeting was arranged and it did not take long to realize that Hamid was the person we wanted working for us on this project. He clearly has extensive knowledge and experience in his field and has crafted a very efficient team around him. Our project was thoroughly studied and solutions to problems were found.

    We were able to stay on budget and achieve our goals, all the while receiving well-written reports and regular site meetings to stay informed of progress. I would recommend HDB to anyone is dealing with Building Envelope issues.

    Mike Wall, Township of Langley

  • HDB is one of our envelope consultants of choice. Hamid has a real talent for clearly communicating envelope principles and is flexible at arriving at envelope solutions in a way that is both collaborative and technically superior. Our team at Stantec has worked on a variety of projects that include both steel and wood frame as well as complex renovations.

    Ray Wolfe, Stantec Architecture

  • I have a great respect for HDB. The team is very responsive to every single detail. The most important things I like about them is their honesty and their consulting approach: They don’t just tell you what to do, but rather patiently explain the reason behind their recommendations. I am so grateful to have HDB as our Building Envelop Consultant.

    Steven Dong, HGD Construction

  • The collaboration with HDB is like taking a test drive in a Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe…trying another car after that is just frustrating!
    I worked with HDB on one of my challenging modern designs with a series of complicated building envelope details and conditions. It was one of the best collaborations in my professional work experience. I admire them for their honesty, responsibility, punctuality, and high accuracy. I also appreciate the way that Hamid deals with his clients as a patient teacher, not a fussy envelope engineer. Thanks to them.

    Soheil Khosravi Kermani, M.Arch – I.A. AIBC

  • Working with Hamid was a pleasure. He always strived to ensure that timelines were met and that the quality of the work was impeccable. He took the time to make you feel comfortable. I would recommend his services to anyone.

    Raj Babber, President, CLN Mortgages

  • I have used HDB in three of my custom-built homes in West Vancouver. The complexity of our contemporary architectural designs has posed several challenges for the building envelope design/construction. Hamid and his team has worked hard towards planning and finding reliable & creative solutions to our challenges. Hamid is a very detailed individual that pays close attention to the clients’ needs, and comes up with optimum envelope solutions. They also guided us towards building an improved energy efficient home, which resulted in achieving EnerGuide 84 rating. I would highly recommend HDB to anyone that demands superior service and knowledgeable building envelope consultant.

    Amir Khajehmogahi, Nesbou Development Ltd.

  • The best word for describing Hamid is “RESPONSIBLE”. He cared about projects like his own. I always had a peace of mind working with him.

    Amir Khansary, Architect, Rhythm Design Build

  • This was the first time that we used Hamid as an Envelope Engineer for our development. I was very impressed by the way Hamid represented himself and our project in a very important meeting with City Staff. I would also like to say that Hamid is thorough and explanatory to all trades, leaving all questions on what needed to be done answered. I would highly recommend Hamid as an Envelope Engineer on any projects large or small.

    Mike Rakis, BPYA 1163 Holdings Ltd.

  • It was a pleasure to work with HDB. They are very professional, devoted and honest. I would highly recommend them for any building envelope needs.

    Matthew Hoy, Keefer Apartments Ltd.

  • I retained HDB to assist in coming up with a building envelope resolution for our building to the satisfaction of the authority having jurisdiction. Hamid’s team diligently met with building officials, and presented a feasible building envelope alternative solution, which was granted acceptance to be implemented. Over the course of three months, through knowledge, professionalism, and hard work, the team managed to close off the project, and obtained a satisfactory “Final Pass”! I would highly recommend HDB services to anyone looking for a passionate and results-oriented team!

    Jasbir Seehra

  • Three things were impressive to me. First, honesty: Hamid was transparent about work specs and costs. Second, dedication: he investigated all options and was very involved in trying to find the best solutions for my needs. Third, keenness: he dealt with the project as it was his own–I really felt that.

    Professor Tamer El.Diraby, University of Toronto

  • Having a unique house that is built based on my own ideas had been my dream for a long time. Hamid was the person who helped me made my dream come true. He, as my construction manager, involved all his enthusiasms on the project, and treated the project as his own house. He was concerned about every detail of the construction, put all his efforts to find the best contractors for the project, and tried all his best to satisfy my requirements. Ultimately, I got such a beautiful, high quality, worries-free house. Thanks Hamid!

    Di Tian, 4 Cicada Rd.

  • Hamid is detail oriented, highly knowledgeable and creative engineer, very dependable and focused on client’s needs. He performed several building envelope assessments for Kwantlen while working at Morrison Hershfield, developed approach to envelope remediation and supervised the execution of the details. We found him very responsive to all additional requests and always satisfied with proposed solutions. Hamid is always a pleasure to work with.

    Natasha Saksman, Capital Project Manager, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

  • I hired HDB as the construction manager and building envelope consultant mainly for cladding and window replacement of our building in Toronto. His team worked professionally and I was especially impressed with the care given to details during construction. The project was completed on time and on budget which is a rare feat for renovation work in the construction industry.

    Professor Shamim A. Sheikh, University of Toronto